Matched Betting Ireland 2021

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting involves taking advantage of the free bets and other promotions offered by bookies in conjunction with betting exchanges such as Betfair to ensure a guaranteed profit. The best way to understand this is by looking at an example.

Matched Betting Ireland

Matched Betting Ireland Example

Bookmaker A is offering new customers a free bet of €10 when they sign up for an account with them. In order to obtain the free bet, the customer must deposit a minimum of €10 and place a bet of €10 at minimum odds of 1/2 (or in decimal odds 1.5). Once your qualifying bet has settled you will be credited with a €10 free bet in your account.

As a matched bettor, you can use this offer to your advantage. The first step is to deposit the funds into your Bookmaker A account and then place your qualifying bet (for example, you could place a back bet on Man Utd to beat Villarreal in the 2021 Europe League at odds of 1.90 at the bookie). Once you have placed your back bet with the bookmaker, you can go to your betting exchange, and place a lay bet on Man Utd to lose the match (see a screenshot from Betfair below).


You can use this hedging calculator to work out how much you need to lay at the betting exchange.

Hedging Calculator

By placing the back bet at the bookmaker and the lay bet at the betting exchange, you are guaranteeing a small loss (0.31) regardless of the result of the match (See payout table below):

Man Utd WinVillarreal WinDraw
Bookmaker A Back Bet+9.00-10.00-10.00
Betting Exchange Lay Bet*-9.30+9.69+9.69
Overall profit/(loss)(0.30)(0.31)(0.31)
*The lay bets in the example above do not include the commission charged by the betting exchange. This can range from 2% to 5%.

Once your qualifying bet has settled, you will be credited with your free bet. The next step is to convert your free bets into withdrawable cash. Matched bettors generally attempt to extract 70-80 percent of the value of the free bet. To do this they place the free bet on a selection with medium to high odds and then place a lay bet on the same selection at the betting exchange.

It is often easier to find a selection in a horse race (see example below detailing the backing and laying of a horse at odds of 8.0 at the bookie and lay odds of 8.8 at the betting exchange). You can use this matched betting calculator to calculate the amount to lay for your free bet.

Matched Betting Calculator

As you can see from the above screenshot we are guaranteed to return €7.81 regardless of the result. The total return from this offer would be €7.50 (€7.81 – qualifying loss of €0.31).

Matched Betting Offer Types

Bet X, Get Y Offers – For these matched betting offers, you place a bet at the bookie to qualify for the free bet. You will then lay your bet at a betting exchange for a small qualifying loss. Once you are credited with your free bet at the bookie, you will place your bet on a selection mid to high odds and then lay the free bet at the exchange to guarantee a profit. These sorts of matched betting offers are the easiest to complete.

Risk-Free Offers – If the bookie will refund a losing bet in cash, a matched bettor can lay this bet at the exchange and if the bet at the bookie loses, you will get your stake back from the bookie and also win your lay bet at the exchange. You can also adjust your lay bet so that If the bet at the bookie wins, you will still profit.

Free bet if your first bet loses – For these matched betting offers, you know that you will get a free bet if your bet loses, therefore matched bettors can underlay their first bet, as they know they will be able to convert approximately 60-70% of the free bet they may obtain into cash. By doing this, they can guarantee a profit regardless of the result.

Rollover Bonus Offers – Rollover bonus offers are the hardest offers for matched bettors to convert into withdrawable cash as they involve placing multiple qualifying bets before you unlock your bonus. The aim of the matched bettor is to reduce the total losses on all the qualifying bets to an amount less than the bonus awarded.

Is Matched Betting in Ireland legal?

Matched Betting is 100% legal in Ireland. It is simply an intelligent way to lock in a guaranteed profit on free bets offered by bookies.

How much can you make from matched betting in Ireland?

If executed correctly, you can make between €1,000 – €2,000 from signing up to all the available bookmaker accounts. Once you have completed all the sign-up offers, you can make between €200-€500 a month from reload offers from the different bookies.

Does Matched Betting still work in 2022?

Yes absolutely. There is still plenty of sign-up offers for new matched bettors to take advantage of. As Matched Betting has become more and more popular, bookies have responded by reducing the number and value of reload offers. However, it is still relatively straightforward to make €200+ from reload offers offered from bookies. There are also excellent reload offers around major sporting events such as the World Cup, Wimbledon, and the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival in March each year.

Best Bookmarker Offers for Irish Matched Bettors

You can pretty much apply matched betting techniques to all the bookie sign up offers listed on this site, however, we have listed some of the best matched betting sign up offers that Irish Matched Bettors can take advantage of.

BookieSign Up OfferSign Up GuideOffer type
Up to €100 in Bet CreditsMore DetailsBet X, Get Y
BetVictor Icon
Sports Welcome Offer – Up to €100 Matched Bet BonusMore DetailsBet X, Get Y
Betfair Ireland
Bet 5 x €10, get a €20 free bet. Repeat process for a max of €100 in free bets.More DetailsBet X, Get Y
10bet Sign Up Offer
50% welcome bonus (max €50)More DetailsRollover Bonus
Unibet Sign Up Offer

Bet €40, get a €40 bonus if it loses
More DetailsFree bet if your first bet loses

Matched Betting after Sign Up Offers

Once you have completed all the sign up offers available to you, that doesn’t mean your matched betting adventure is over. You can use the same matched betting techniques on reload offers from all the bookies you now have accounts with. The reload offers won’t be as lucrative as the sign up offers but they can still bring in a modest level of matched betting income for you every month. Some of the best Bookmakers for reload offers include Bet365, Betfred, BoyleSports, Betway, BetVictor, and William Hill. You can also check out the reload offers section of our site for info on the latest reload offers from the bookmakers listed on our site.

How to Start Matched Betting in Ireland

For matched betting beginners, I would recommend that you sign up for a matched betting service like Profit Accumulator Ireland as they will provide you with a step by step guide to completing the whole matched betting process. They will also provide you with all the calculators and tools you will need to maximise your profits from completing matched betting offers.

Profit AccumulatorProfit Accumulator Ireland is currently offering a free trial where you can earn up to €40 from completing your first two matched betting offers.

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